What is a Meta Description? How to write good Meta Description full Guides

If you have been posting a blog for a long time, you will know how important meta description is in the SEO, and it is through this, you get a good rank in the SEO.

If you are a new blogger and you are upset that why your article does not get ranked in an SEO search engine, then let us tell you that a big reason for this is that you do not create meta descriptions in your article.

Adding meta description to your post helps both the user and the search engines understand your article, increasing the clicks on your site. In detail, let us know what Meta Description, how it should be used, and how big or small it should be.

What is a Meta Description?


The meta description is also called meta description attribute or tag. The meta description is the HTML element, which tells the conclusion of the post’s data in less words, which helps both the search engine and the user a lot.

Over time, SEO search engine ranking has also changed, but now meta description does not play as important a role in search engine ranking as before, but still, it is important in on-page SEOs. A meta description helps to tell your data better.

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This information is shown as a snippet under your title in the search engine. But many times, it also happens that the search engine takes the snippet from some part of the main data, who to make the snippet depends entirely on the search engine and algorithm.

What are the types of meta tags-

  • Title tag – The main heading of the data, information about that topic is found from the title itself. In this, you must write the main keyword.
  • Meta Description Tag – In this, you can give detailed information about your data, which contains the required keywords.
  • Meta Robot Tag – This tells the search engine how to display the website.

How to find out the meta description of a web page- 

You can easily find the meta description of any web page yourself. For this, you have to right-click on any webpage, after which a menu bar will open.

Here you have to click on view source or view page source. Here the code will open on the new page, from which you will get information about meta description.

How long should the meta description be –

Google has now increased the standard length of a meta description. Previously it was very short.

According to Google, the meta description’s length should be 160 words or less, but now it has been increased from Google. Now Google shows up to 275 words in the meta description. Google made this change in 2017.

Why required meta description –

By meta description, you can rank well in search engine optimization, by which the search engine destroys the post.

  • The meta description is like organic ad text – this means that when your ad ranks for a keyword, Google or another search engine shows the meta description of that blog as a summary.
  • Clicks can increase through organic search results on your website through the meta description. This means that when people see your page in the search results, they can access your data by reading the meta and clicking on your site. This will increase your traffic, even if your ranking does not make much difference.

How to write a good meta description –

To write a good meta description, first, you have to practice writing good add text. We give you tips, with the help of which you can improve your meta description –

  • You research and write down all the important keywords associated with your data.
  • Write unique meta for every page in your site, which can also be relieved with your data. If you have written some keywords to mislead, then Google will understand it and punish you. The user goes to your site by reading the meta, but if he does not get the information related to it, he will immediately come out. This will increase the bounce rate of your site.
  • Do not use the same meta everywhere. It spoils the user experience. It is better to create a duplicate meta description that you leave it blank. Google will pick the data according to the keyword for the snippet from your page data. The duplicate meta description will be negative.
  • Remember, your meta description should not be too long. Keep it inside the same as Google does.
  • The meta description is a kind of invitation to invite the user to your site. The better and impressive it will be, the more people will come to the site.
  • It should be directly activated, motivated and addressed. If the user comes to your site, he should know what he is going to get in advance.
  • Focus on meta descriptions and write down the required keywords. This will make the search engine read it and reach your site.

How to create meta descriptions for more than one page –

If your site is large and you do not have time to create a meta description for every page, you can make meta descriptions by choosing the page according to priority.

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Like the home page or popular page in your site, you should search on Google which page of your ranking is good and add meta description to it.

And keep in mind that from now on, you must add meta description in the new post so that according to the SEO, the site will be good for you, and later you will not have to test separately.


Q: What to write in meta description?

Ans: All the keywords related to the data, in a way, summarize the data.

Q: What is the meta title and description?

Ans: These are the web page headers, which helps the search engine understand the data. Search results show a meta title and description.

Q: Can Meta Description be changed later?

Ans: Yes

Q: Should meta description be the same as content?

Ans: No, the meta description should not be exactly like the content. The meta description is the overall view of any post. Here only the necessary keywords should come.

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