How To Choose The Best Blogger Theme. Read These 4 Tips

In today’s time, people have started moving towards blogging a lot. After creating a blog, he has begun to like to share with everyone his different kind of feeling and the help of his experienced blogger.

Blogger is very easy to use, but it is equally challenging to choose a theme for it. Today we are going to tell you some tips with the help of which you can select the best blogger theme for a blog.

Internet usage has increased a lot in today’s time, so many such websites are available which provide you with many free templates for blogger. In such a way, some new bloggers who do not know about all the things related to the block.

Go to those websites and download any attractive free theme for their blog and also use it on their blog. They use that theme without knowing whether that team is beneficial for them or not.

So let us know some simple tips with the help of which if you choose an attractive team for your block then your blog will be able to grow day by day.

How to choose the best blogger blog theme?

#1. Choose Fast Loading Template

The loading speed of a blog or website is first given importance in search engine ranking. It is said by the expert that the faster the loading of your blog, the more benefits you will get in search engine rankings.

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So while running the blog, always keep in mind that your loading theme should be fast. You can find out how fast the loading speed of your blog is through some free tools given on Google, some of which are Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, GTmetrix, Pingdom website speed checker tool, etc.

This is one such tool with the help of which you can find out the fast loading of your website based on both mobile and desktop. You can also guess the speed of the blogger blog theme through the template size of the block.

Suppose if one theme is 300kb and the other is 150kb, then the theme which is less size will load on the blog in a short time so that its loading Speed ​​will be more.

#2. SEO Optimize Theme

SEO is the most spoken on Google in today’s time. As long as there was no good on your block, traffic will not come to your blog. Without traffic, your blog will not be able to enter under SEO.

Now you may be thinking about how you can determine that you can choose a good SEO theme for your blog. So for this, let us tell you that you will get much such free dust on Google, through which you can check your website whether your website is made according to SEO guidelines.

Some of the main tools is the Google Structure data testing tool using which you can quickly check the blog theme of your website. In this tool, you have to enter the URL of your website, after which it checks your entire block team thoroughly and shows a security data test report.

After this, if there is an error on your website, then it shows an error. Otherwise, it does not show any error. Then you can understand that your website remains exactly according to the guidelines of SEO.

Apart from this, if you want your website to know its marks on Google according to SEO, then to find them you can also use the -Ubersuggest tool which tests your entire website and tells you SEO score.

If you have done all this process before adopting any team, then you can choose the SEO based theme for your blog.

#3. Free Theme or Premium Theme

The first question that comes to mind when creating a block for a blogger is whether he should take a free theme or use a premium theme for his blog.

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So let us tell you that if you want to be a good blogger and want to color your website on Google. Then you do not need to take web hosting for that, but if you’re going to invest that web hosting but if you make that investment.

Put in to buy premium themes and custom domains, you will benefit more. Let’s know about the benefits of a premium theme: –

  • The designs present in the premium theme are all well designed, which are also very attractive.
  • If you do not like the design of premium themes, then you can also get them designed in your way with the help of the developer.
  • Premium themes are already included in the fast loading process.
  • If seen from the perspective of SEO, then all the themes of premium themes are SEO based themes.
  • Under the premium theme, you do not need to do any HTML and CSS coding process.
  • Under this theme, no process like external footer credit is to be followed.
  • The most beneficial thing in this is that there is no script under the premium theme that can harm your blog.

Apart from this, if you compare free themes to premium themes, many scripts can directly harm your blog in many ways, which contains a lot of harmful scripts, due to which your blog can quickly go into SEO. Can not even rank.

#4. Select AdSense Ads ready theme

The easiest and better way to earn money from any blog is to place ads on it. For that, you are required that either you should place advertisements under your block, or else you can also create or select a block that already has AdSense ads.

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There are some sections of placing ads in it, under which you only have to copy the AdSense AIDS code and put it there, after which you can make money through your blog by placing appropriate advertisements.


All the tips we have told you are very simple and beneficial if you can use them properly. Creating a blog and running it properly is wise and creative work that you can easily earn a good amount of money sitting at home.

If you do not keep in mind while creating a block, then your block will never be able to rank in Google based on SEO. So keep these things in mind while making blocks and if you do not know how to do all this, then take the help of an expert.

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